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What is Amazon product manager salary?

Amazon employees on average earn significantly less than their IT industry counterparts: the median Facebook salary for 2017 was $240,000, while Twitter's was around $160,000, The Wall Street Journal notes.

The difference in pay is due to the large number of low-skilled workers: Amazon employs warehouse workers who earn less than technology specialists at other companies, the publication explains.

Difficult but doable: IT guy tells how Amazon hires managers and how they hire developers

In 2010 I got a job with an outsourcer and I stayed on the project for eight years — during that time it even evolved into a startup. We were making a software assistant for cars — he could turn on the navigation, music, or suggest settings.

I started out as a support person. After working for a year, I left to become a project manager. As a result, by the time I left in 2018, I was responsible for software management, all engineering (except data science) and the entire Kiev office. 

In 2018 I got an offer from Amazon, first to Poland (for a year and a half), then to Canada. Since July 2020 I live in Toronto and work in Amazon's Canadian office as Principal Technical Program Manager (came to Senior level).

Program Manager is like Project Manager but manages larger projects. The position involves a large number of teams and also a large number of dependencies between these teams.

The technical in the job title means that the Program Manager has to understand the technical part. He or she does not cover technical tasks but can grasp the nuances, communicate adequately and ask the right questions.

Recruitment process at Amazon

The hiring process at Amazon is standard for large companies:

  • one or two phone interviews;
  • five or six interviews in a row (in my case, as it was a pandemic, they were offline in Gdańsk).

Managers are mostly asked about past experiences: what have you done, what problems have you solved, what was your role. That is, they want to see that you have managed and not just been around.

For technical managers, there is also the technical part. They usually ask about the architecture of the application. You are not expected to have in-depth knowledge, but you should understand what the components might be, why they are needed and how they interact.

I would say that with relevant experience and a little training, getting into Amazon as a software manager, while not easy, is possible. They are looking for people with specific skills and backgrounds.

For developers, in addition to the standard hiring, Amazon occasionally organises hiring weeks. This is not an easier but quicker way to get into the company. First, a coding task is given. If the applicant passes, they are called in for interviews — all four or five interviews are to be completed in one day. The result is told in two or three days.

This year I had the idea of organising an interview week myself. But I see no point in investing in it if there is no desire from developers — I have written about such an opportunity on the DOU forum, but apparently people are not very interested in it now, so I have not moved the project forward.

My main project at Amazon is the Alexa voice assistant.

I like working on it: Amazon is one of the few companies that give you the opportunity to work with such a volume of clients and such a complexity of problems. Everyone around here has a high level of knowledge, everyone is involved and interested in the end result, and your changes affect the experience of millions of users.

So now I'm happy with everything at Amazon. The main thing for me is that the work is quite interesting, my colleagues are competent and I can develop as a professional. We work remotely — I have been in the office twice during my time in Canada.

I have not come across any scandals at Amazon, that are sometimes mentioned in mass media. I can say that the company takes a lot of time to minimize problems and educate people, so that they know how to communicate and interact properly. 

Poland is a nice country, but we wanted to live in an English-speaking environment

From getting an offer from Amazon to arriving in Poland it was just over half a year. In January 2019 I started working. But that was on my initiative — it's realistic to leave in three months at all.

I had agreed beforehand with my manager when I settled that if I worked well, I would move somewhere else in a year. Poland is a nice country, but we wanted to live in an English-speaking environment.

While working for the Polish office I went on business trips to Toronto and I liked it there. So I moved to Canada as part of the same team without changing what I was doing. We were also considering the US, but the current political situation there does not appeal to us very much. 

Amazon has a very well set up relocation process: you don't have to worry about anything. I moved to Poland on a regular work visa. The only problem was that they don't make it for spouses. So we got a student visa ourselves — to study Polish.


Highest Paying Jobs At Amazon

A normal ITproject manager salary at Amazon is about $150,000 per year. 

What is the highest salary for a product manager?

The middle 57% of Product Managers makes between $111,000 and $242,000, with the top 86% making $525,000. 

The average salary for a Product Manager in US is $127,523. The average additional cash compensation for a Product Manager in US is $16,987. The average total compensation for a Product Manager in US is $144,510.