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Best laptops for machine learning

In modern realities, when the shortage of semiconductors and the mining boom led to sky-high prices for video cards, it has become easier and cheaper to purchase a laptop based on the desired GPU, and the introduction of the mobile GeForce RTX 30 series this year has brought thin and powerful laptop for machine learning.

However, gaming laptops are not only a story about gaming, but also a great option for those who want a productive mobile machine for studying and creating. In addition, it is much more convenient to have a laptop at the workplace instead of a stationary PC, because you can always take it with you. In this article, we have selected five different laptops based on GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs that are great for use as a versatile tool.

The selection was made according to the following criteria.

Maximum performance

Maximum performance — A laptop that is bought primarily for work and study needs to handle all major tasks, including usage scenarios for popular tech applications and tools. In this case, it is important to have not only a powerful processor, but also a powerful GPU capable of providing accelerated real-time rendering for 3D design and modeling, as well as faster performance in various computing tasks, including neural networks, processing large data sets, and so on.

Opportunities for distance learning

Distance learning capabilities — laptop software and hardware should be able to handle streaming in excellent quality and with noise reduction, so support for NVIDIA Broadcast technology is immediately a plus.

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions and weight — work and study mean that you will often take a laptop with you, so mobility is important in this case. The device should be as thin and light as possible. The advantage of the RTX 30 platform is that many models are less than 20mm thick.

Runtime and quietness

Runtime and quietness are another significant mobility component that should be given sufficient attention when choosing, and not only battery and cooling system parameters play an important role, but also software-level optimizations, such as the presence of NVIDIA Optimus, Battery Boost and WhisperMode 2.0 technologies.

Should I Use a Laptop for Machine Learning?

Yes, you should use a laptop for machine learning. Having a laptop, even if it’s a regular laptop, can aid you in your computational tasks. Most laptops used for learning machine learning have been optimized with the same advanced data analysis and rendering capabilities that are common amongst desktops. 

You can even enjoy optimal performance with your laptop because you don’t require any external tools. It’s also portable, meaning you could work on the move. A laptop also doesn't require an external power supply to operate as it is often designed with excellent battery life, so you can easily carry it around wherever you go. Having a great laptop will help you get a career with the best machine learning companies.